Mad, mad, mad

This week, I am on my own teaching English to the five classes that we have here at ADECA {Children’s Academy and Center for Learning} and the afternoon English class. Lisa, the other American intern, who is basically my adopted mother while I am here, has gone back to the US to take care of a few things for the week. Last week before she left, I practiced teaching the classes with her by my side helping me out. To be honest, I was kind of nervous because having thirty little kids staring at me is scary!! {Props to all teachers out there. Teaching is hard!} However, I realized that there is absolutely no reason to be nervous. I am the one who is fluent in English so it is hard for me to mess up.

While I am standing in front of the students, singing songs as loud as my voice will go {which isn’t very loud}, I try to make eye contact with all of the students so that they are each engaged. Some of the kids are more engaged than others though, just because their personalities are so different.

Today, I just wanted to share with you a little moment of joy that I had. While I was teaching one of the four-year-old classes, I made eye contact with one little boy named Woodolph {coolest name ever, huh? Like Rudolph, but with a “W”} at the perfect time. We were singing, “If you’re happy, happy, happy, clap your hands…if you’re mad, mad, mad stomp your feet…” Woodolph is probably the most animated boy in that class and he is not afraid to yell his English as loud as possible. I looked over at Woodolph while he was yelling “MAD, MAD, MAD” and the contortion of his face made me burst out laughing. He was trying so hard not to laugh too, because he knows exactly how funny he is. His mouth was smiling, but his eyebrows were all furrowed and he was trying to hold the mad face as best as he could. But when I started laughing, he lost control of his angry face too and giggled. This was a problem because what I do, the kids do. They copy my every move while I am teaching them. So when we are singing about being mad and I started smiling and laughing, I could see confusion in their faces.

I love that when you loosen up, the little things that Jesus intentionally puts in your day to bring you joy stand out more than ever. If I take my job too seriously, I could easily miss these moments. The more we listen, look, and feel, the happier we can be, because there are so many things that God puts in our days that bring us joy. Hopefully this little story brings you joy today 🙂

Clap your hands, all you nations;
    shout to God with cries of joy.

-Psalm 47:1IMG_2193

Meet Woodolph


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