Fully funded

I am currently sitting in the airport, on my way to Camp Barnabas for the summer. However, someone wasn’t supposed to be on our plane, so after an hour of calling out our names, they made us de-board. At least I have time now to update you on my trip to Haiti!

As of about a week ago, I am fully funded for my trip to Haiti. It amazing that Jesus didn’t even give me time to worry about the large sum of money. I’ve been swept up in graduating and leaving for Barnabas, without time to think about leaving for Haiti. He just provided, like He said He would. I am so grateful for everyone who donated and wanted to be a part of this new journey in my life, and for everyone’s thoughts and prayers. Nothing has sunken in yet, but it will soon! I am praying thanks and blessings over each of you. I am so blessed to have such loving, supportive people in my life. It’s amazing to think that in three and a half months, I’ll be on my way to yet another amazing opportunity. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I’ll be writing more about Haiti in September after camp. Goodbye for now! 

With love, Hannah


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